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pots and pans tasting

Compiled by our kitchen team

Grand café Het Schaftlokaal is an ode to our ‘Huttekearls’, the DRU workers who, after their labors in the iron hut, would settle down in the afternoon to enjoy a well-deserved meal. A moment of rest, attention to the inner man and to each other. As if it had never been any different…

  • Potten en Pannenproeverij €36,50 p.p

    With an array of choices and flavors, making a decision can be overwhelming. Simplify the experience for yourself (and your party) by allowing our chef to surprise you with our pot and pan tasting. Enjoy two courses featuring delicious dishes ranging from vegetarian and fish to meat. Each dish is presented in a charming old-fashioned 'DRU-own' enameled pot, pan, or on a slate. Can only be ordered for the entire table.

If you eat vegetarian or don’t feel like fish and meat today, our pot and pan tasting can also consist entirely of vegetarian dishes.

To make the party complete, you can expand the pot and pan tasting with a surprise dessert.

Soup and bread

  • Tomato soup €6,95

    Creamy tomato soup - sour cream – pesto
    Allergens: Gluten, Milk, Nuts
  • Beef broth€6,95

    Clear beef broth - strips of pancakes - fine carrot - fresh herbs
    Allergens: Gluten
  • Multigrain break bread from Ten Have Bakery €6,95

    Freshly baked multigrain bread– fresh tapenade– Garlic mayonnaise
    Allergens: Gluten, Milk

Create your own pot and pan tasting menu

The dishes on our menu are carefully selected for sharing and tasting together. Therefore, all our dishes are served in the center of the table in a “DRU-own” enameled pot, pan or on a slate. This way you enjoy the different flavors and choices with the whole party.

And because there is so much choice, we have made our dishes just a little smaller so you can choose several per person. We recommend about three dishes per person. Complete your self-assembled tasting with a Taste Palette or our fresh fries…. Not the time to dine this elaborate? Then check out our Huttekearl dishes. Substantial portions, may be shared, need not.

Cold dishes and salads

  • Goat cheese salad €11,95

    Warm goat cheese from De Brömmels - honey - corn salad - mesclun - grilled yellow zucchini - grilled Coeur de Boeuf - radish - seed blend - herb dressing
    Allergens: Milk
  • Pearl barley-mango salad €11,95

    Pearl barley - mango - mesclun - little gem - almonds – sesame sead mix- soy dressing
    Allergens: Gluten, Nuts, Soy, Sesame seeds
  • Smoked salmon tartare€11,95

    Smoked salmon tartare - Little gem - beetroot cream - capers - chives - cuttlefish crackers - herb dressing
    Allergens: Fish, Gluten, Celery, Mollusks
  • Prawns piri piri €12,50

    Prawns in piri piri sauce - Arancini (risotto bitterball) of tomato and shrimp - fresh herbs
    Allergens: Shellfish, Gluten, Milk
  • Parma Ham €13,50

    Parmaham - Coeur de Boeuf tomato - burrata – Balsamic Vinegar - Arugula – seed mix - herb dressing
    Allergens: Sulfur dioxide, Milk
  • Carpaccio€13,50

    Beef carpaccio - pesto dressing - Parmesan cheese – seed mix - pepper - cherry tomatoes - arugula
    Allergenen: Milk, Nuts, Egg

Hot dishes

Delicious small dishes to share with each other….
and easily expanded with our side dishes into a rich meal.

  • Mushroom Wellington €16,50

    Puff pastry - mushrooms - warm goat cheese sauce - green asparagus - fresh herbs
    Allergens: Gluten, Milk
  • Cod fillet€18,50

    Cod fillet pan-seared with skin on - stir-fried carrot - sweet potato cream - citrus
    Allergens: Fish, Milk
  • DRU stew €16,50

    Beef stewed in red wine – mushrooms – onion - bacon
    Allergens: Gluten, Lupin, Sulfur dioxide
  • Tomato risotto €20,50

    Tomato risotto - burrata - vegetables - fresh herbs
    Allergens: Milk

Side dishes

  • Taste palette Schaftlokaal€8,95

    Hot vegetables – potato garnish - fresh salad
  • Fresh Fries€5,95

    Fresh Fries - mayonnaise

Huttekearls dishes

Sturdy portions for real huttekearls! May be shared, need not.
With the dishes below you have the choice of fresh fries or luxury potatoes

  • Catch of the day €22,95

    Fresh fish – ratatouille - citrus
    Allergens: Fish
  • Surf&Turf €24,50

    Slow-cooked pork belly with a soy glaze - garlic prawns - crispy polenta - romanesco florets
    Allergens: Shellfish, Soy, Gluten
  • Black angus steak €24,50

    Black angus steak - sweet potato cream - green asparagus - peppercorn sauce
    Allergens: Milk
  • Corn-fed chicken Suprême €22,95

    Slow-cooked corn-fed chicken - wrapped in bacon - fresh spinach - red wine/truffle sauce
    Allergens: Sulfur dioxide, Milk
  • Moink burger €20,50

    Tender beef burger – wrapped in bacon and parmesan cheese - brioche burger bun - barbecue sauce – fried onions - little gem - mayonnaise
    Allergenen: Gluten, Milk, Egg, Soy, Mustard, Sesame seed, Lupin, Celery


  • Pot and Pan Dessert Tasting €19,50

    Extensive dessert surprise for two
    Allergens: Gluten, Milk
  • Dame Blanche€9,50

    Vanilla ice cream - chocolate sauce - whipped cream
    Allergens: Milk
  • Trifle€9,95

    Mango - coconut - chocolade - coconut ice cream
    Allergens: Milk
  • Refreshing Lemon €10,50

    Artisan lemon curd cheesecake – limoncello serbet from De Steenhoven Complete your dessert with a shot of ice-cold limoncello | 15.50
    Allergens: Gluten, Milk
  • Perfect with a cup of coffee€6,50

    Three delightful sweet treats from the pastry case, including a cup of tea or coffee.
    Allergenen: Gluten, Milk
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